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Health Problems Seen in Traffick Victims

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dc.description Trafficking victims may suffer from an array of physical and psychological health issues stemming from inhumane living conditions, poor sanitation, inadequate nutrition, poor personal hygiene, brutal physical and emotional attacks at the hands of their traffickers, dangerous workplace conditions, occupational hazards and general lack of quality health care. Preventive health care is virtually non-existent for these individuals. Health issues are typically not treated in their early stages, but tend to fester until they become critical, even life-endangering situations. In many cases, health care is administered at least initially by an unqualified individual hired by the trafficker with little if any regard for the well-being of their patients and even less regard for disease, infection or contamination control
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dc.publisher U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement
dc.subject Abuse-sexual
dc.subject Best Practices-Medical Assessment
dc.subject Effects -- Psychological
dc.subject Exploitation -- trafficking
dc.subject medical
dc.title Health Problems Seen in Traffick Victims
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