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Risk factors for and impact of online sexual solicitation of youth

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dc.creator Finkelhor, D. Mitchell, L, & Wolak, J. 2013-09-19T16:26:04Z 2013-09-19T16:26:04Z 2001
dc.description Assessed the risk factors surrounding online sexual solicitations of youth and distress due to solicitation. A random sample of 1,501 youth (aged 10-17 yrs) who where regular Internet users were surveyed via telephone during August 1999-February 2000. Main outcome measures included demographic and behavioral characteristics associated with solicitation risk and distress du to solicitation. 19% of youth who used the Internet regularly were the targets of unwanted sexual solicitation in the last year. Girls, older teens, troubled youth, frequent Internet users, chat room participants, and those who communicated online with strangers were at greater risk. 25% of the solicited youth reported high levels of distress after solicitation incidents. Risk of distress was more common among the younger youth, those who received aggressive solicitations (the solicitor attempted or made offline contact), and those who were solicited on a computer away from their home. It is concluded that health care professionals, educators, and parents should be prepared to educate youth about how to respond to online sexual solicitations, including encouraging youth to disclose and report such encounters and to talk about them.
dc.publisher Journal of the American Medical Association
dc.subject Abuse-sexual
dc.subject Disclosure
dc.subject Exploitation -- Internet
dc.subject Long-term effects
dc.title Risk factors for and impact of online sexual solicitation of youth
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