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The justice system for juvenile victims: A comprehensive model of case flow

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dc.creator Finkelhor, D., Cross, T.P. & Cantor, E.N. 2013-09-19T16:27:18Z 2013-09-19T16:27:18Z 2005
dc.description This article proposes the idea that there is a de facto juvenile victim justice system, a complex set of agencies and institutions that responds to juvenile victims of crime and violence, including child maltreatment and conventional crime. The article offers a schematic model of that system and tries to quantify the case flow through its various components, that is, the likelihood that given certain actions (e.g., a substantiated finding of maltreatment), other actions will follow (e.g., services be provided). The model also highlights the activities of the system most likely to have consequential effects on victims. We argue that more professionals are needed who understand the system in its entirety, not just their own agency role, and who can help guide victims, families, and other professionals through its complexities. More efforts are also needed to integrate and rationalize the system, particularly through information exchange among its components.
dc.publisher Trauma, Violence & Abuse
dc.subject Advocacy
dc.subject Best Practices-Evaluation
dc.subject Communication -- reporting
dc.subject Law
dc.subject Organizational Capacity
dc.subject legal
dc.title The justice system for juvenile victims: A comprehensive model of case flow
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