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Guide for Child Welfare Administrators on Evidence Based Practice

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dc.creator Alexandra, L., & Wilson, C.
dc.creator 2013-09-19T16:26:53Z 2013-09-19T16:26:53Z 2005
dc.description Several factors influence a current emphasis toward evidence based practice in child welfare today. The practice of child welfare has long been based on a strong professional literature and on thoughtful analytical discussions of what constitutes best practice. Considerable effort has gone into building a strong base of research studies that have tested a wide range of innovations and service models. Within recent years, the field has begun to amass an evidence base of comparative empirical studies that test relevant innovations against standard current practice or other models. We are reaching a point where we can begin to draw lessons and apply them widely across the country. The evidence based movement in child welfare is being hastened by the demands of a variety of funding sources from governors, state legislatures, local government leaders, and private foundations to invest their resources in practices that have a proven high likelihood of success. This movement is also likely to further strengthen as states find that implementing evidence based practices can play a positive role in a state s response to class action litigation and can enhance agency performance as measured in Child and Family Services Reviews.
dc.format pdf
dc.publisher National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators
dc.subject Best Practices-Prevention
dc.title Guide for Child Welfare Administrators on Evidence Based Practice

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