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Prostitution of children and child-sex tourism

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dc.creator Klain, E. J. 2013-09-19T16:26:44Z 2013-09-19T16:26:44Z 1999
dc.description children within the United States and abroad. The first section describes the nature and scope of the problem in the United States, including why and how children become entangled in prostitution, and what the consequences can be for them. It then describes state and federal statutes and selected law-enforcement initiatives combating this form of sexual exploitation. The second section takes a broader look at the commercial-sexual exploitation of children through prostitution and child-sex tourism on a global level. Both sections highlight policy and practice issues regarding the legal system and social-service responses to prostituted children.
dc.format pdf
dc.publisher National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
dc.subject Child sexual exploitation
dc.subject Exploitation -- child prostitution
dc.subject Prostitution -- child
dc.title Prostitution of children and child-sex tourism
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