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Teen sexting and its association with sexual behaviors

Show simple item record Temple, J. R., Paul, J. A., van den Berg, P., Le, V. D., McElhany, A., & Temple, B. W. 2015-01-08T17:54:53Z 2015-01-08T17:54:53Z 2012
dc.identifier.citation Temple, J. R., Paul, J. A., van den Berg, P., Le, V. D., McElhany, A., & Temple, B. W. (2012). Teen sexting and its association with sexual behaviors. Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine, 166(9), 828-833. en_US
dc.description.abstract Objective: To examine the prevalence of sexting behaviors as well as their relation to dating, sex, and risky sexual behaviors using a large school-based sample of adolescents. Design: Data are from time 2 of a 3-year longitudinal study. Participants self-reported their history of dating, sexual behaviors, and sexting (sent, asked, been asked, and/or bothered by being asked to send nude photographs of themselves). Setting: Seven public high schools in southeast Texas. Participants: A total of 948 public high school students (55.9% female) participated. The sample consisted of African American (26.6%), white (30.3%), Hispanic (31.7%), Asian (3.4%), and mixed/other (8.0%) teens. Main Outcome Measure: Having ever engaged in sexting behaviors. Results: Twenty-eight percent of the sample reported having sent a naked picture of themselves through text or e-mail (sext), and 31% reported having asked someone for a sext. More than half (57%) had been asked to send a sext, with most being bothered by having been asked. Adolescents who engaged in sexting behaviors were more likely to have begun dating and to have had sex than those who did not sext (all P < .001). For girls, sexting was also associated with risky sexual behaviors. Conclusions: The results suggest that teen sexting is prevalent and potentially indicative of teens' sexual behaviors. Teen-focused health care providers should consider screening for sexting behaviors to provide age-specific education about the potential consequences of sexting and as a mechanism for discussing sexual behaviors. (Author Abstract) en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine en_US
dc.subject adolescents en_US
dc.subject self-exploitation en_US
dc.subject explicit images en_US
dc.subject research en_US
dc.subject risk factors en_US
dc.title Teen sexting and its association with sexual behaviors en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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