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What works for children in resisting assaults?

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dc.creator Finkelhor, D. & Asdigian, N.L. 2013-09-19T16:25:58Z 2013-09-19T16:25:58Z 1995
dc.description Examined children's responses to threats of victimization and their perceptions of the effectiveness of their responses in a sample of 1,042 male and 958 female 10-16 yr olds. Survey data were gathered from Ss regarding victimization experiences, prevention responses, protective efficacy, victimization-related injury, and the preferred victimization response of Ss' fathers. Boys, especially those in their teens, used more aggressive forms of resistance than did younger Ss and girls, and felt those strategies had been more effective. Ss advised by their fathers to stand up and fight also felt more successful using aggressive resistance. Results suggest that different children may feel more successful with different protection strategies, arguing against a unifaceted approach to victimization prevention.
dc.publisher Journal of Interpersonal Violence
dc.subject Best Practices-Research
dc.subject Child maltreatment
dc.subject Child welfare -- statistics
dc.subject Prevention
dc.title What works for children in resisting assaults?
dc.type Text

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