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Impact of child sexual abuse on mental health: prospective study in males and females.

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dc.creator Burgess, P.M.
dc.creator Moss, S.A.
dc.creator Mullen, P.E.
dc.creator Spataro, J.
dc.creator Wells, D.L. 2013-09-19T16:27:27Z 2013-09-19T16:27:27Z 2004
dc.description The authors of this study were concerned with the lack of prospective studies and data on male victims of child sexual abuse. They examined the association between child sexual abuse in both boys and girls and subsequent treatment for mental disorder using a prospective cohort design. Children (n=1612; 1327 female) ascertained as sexually abused at the time had their histories of mental health treatment established by data linkage and compared with the general population of the same age over a specified period. The authors found that both male and female victims of abuse had significantly higher rates of psychiatric treatment during the study period than general population controls (12.4% v. 3.6%). Rates were higher for childhood mental disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders and major affective disorders, but not for schizophrenia. Male victims were significantly more likely to have had treatment than females (22.8% v.10.2%). The authors conclude that there is an association between child sexual abuse validated at the time and a subsequent increase in rates of childhood and adult mental disorders.
dc.publisher The Royal College of Psychiatrists
dc.subject Traumatic stress
dc.subject Effects -- Psychological
dc.subject Effects -- Long term
dc.subject Adverse childhood experience
dc.subject Abuse-sexual
dc.title Impact of child sexual abuse on mental health: prospective study in males and females.
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