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Moving beyond supply and demand catchphrases:

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dc.creator Ham, J. 2013-09-19T16:27:22Z 2013-09-19T16:27:22Z 2011
dc.description This information guide assesses the available online literature on: (1) the demand for commercial sex, (2) the demand for exploitative labour practices, and (3) the demand for migrant labour, as they relate to anti-trafficking efforts. In addition to accessing public online resources, we have also sought out literature produced by GAATW member organisations. There was a concerted attempt to seek out materials from a wide range of sources, and materials gathered include literature from GAATW member organisations, anti-trafficking organisations, sex workers rights organisations, NGOs, UN bodies, government offices, and academic researchers.
dc.format pdf
dc.publisher Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
dc.subject International Resources
dc.subject Prevention
dc.subject Trafficking
dc.title Moving beyond supply and demand catchphrases:
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